This website gives an overview of the best vision correction companies in the US in order for people seeking to correct their eyesight to do so in the best way possible. Eyesight is arguably the most important sense we have, so finding a competent eye surgeon is of vital importance. We’ll help you do this while ensuring that money isn’t spent excessively.

Below you’ll find links to great companies in each state that we’ve looked into to ensure you’ll be in good hands for an affordable price.

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LASEK vs LASIK procedures

Many people wish to fix their vision, but get stuck on which procedure would be best to go for. Here’s a comparison.

  • Both procedures start out with the use of anaesthetic eye drops to make 100% sure that the eye is fully numbed when starting, meaning that they’re both pain free during the operation.
  • LASEK and LASIK both take around 10 minutes per eye on average.
  • LASIK has a much faster recovery time than LASEK, which is typically 2 days for most of the healing to occur on average. Many even see drastic eyesight improvements the day of the surgery. LASEK has an average recovery time of around 5 days for the majority of the healing to occur, which is typically much longer.
  • LASEK has less risk of dry eye than LASIK, however the risk is minimal to begin with in both cases.
  • LASEK is usually the backup procedure if the patient is unsuitable for LASIK due to having thin Corneas.
  • Both have similar same criteria for screening patients. You must be over 18 and be free from any eye conditions or infections. More criteria must be met which will be outlined during an initial meeting.

It’s clear to see that LASIK is the far more convenient and better overall option, as long as you’re suitable for the procedure. Be sure to check out the links above for more information on local companies in your area in order to get the procedure done right for an affordable price.