The best cataract surgery in Kansas City

{altimg}We congratulate you on your start towards a cataract free life! This article will provide a brief insight into cataract eye surgery. We’ll outline the best cataract surgery around so you can make the greatest decision possible when it comes to getting your eyesight repaired.

Thankfully, modern day surgery allows for minimal eye invasiveness with maximum effectiveness and ease of recovery. The surgery is very safe, with a more than 95% success rate out of the 3 million people that have this surgery each year in America. With these figures you can be at ease knowing that everything is likely to go well, as long as you make the right choice on which eye surgeon to go for. We’ll help you to do this with the company outlined below.

What exactly are cataracts?

Cataracts typically occur as a normal part of ageing and in the past were often a permanent eye condition. Certain medications and other medical conditions can also increase the chances of a person developing them. They signify the clouding of the eye lens, blocking light from entering the eye correctly. Blurred vision, glare, increased sensitivity to light and even a defect in color perception can occur as a result.

Luckily in this modern age of technology and outstanding cataract surgery we no longer have to deal with cataracts. We can instead opt for a short, easy and pain free eye procedure to become free of them completely!

Our recommended Kansas City cataract surgeon

The following company has been among the best at performing cataract surgery for many years, with a big number of satisfied customers and phenomenal success rates.

When we review cataract surgeons for suitability, we look to see if the following criteria is met:

  • Affordable cost
  • Certification
  • Experience
  • Good communication
  • Newest Technology
  • Word of Mouth / reviews

This company passes all this criteria fully, as you’ll be able to see for yourself if you decide to go for the free consultation. They’re open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, and you can call them at any time.

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The cataract procedure process

The cataract surgery process is quick, simple and without pain to the eye, taking just 10 to 30 minutes. Either a laser or an ultrasound probe is used to break up the clouded lens into smaller pieces. These are then removed gently and replaced with an intra ocular lens (IOL) to restore vision. There are many different types of intraocular lenses so which one you go for will depend on your specific needs.

A common example would be a mono focal lens, which can be set either primarily for short or long range distances. Other more premium types include multi focal lenses, which allow for both near and far distances. Your eye doctor will help you with which type would be most suitable for your prescription and budget.

The average person can return home just a few hours after the procedure, but won’t be able to drive legally for 24 hours. Some minor discomfort may occur for the first few days while healing is occurring. Eye drops are often given for aftercare. The average person also notices clearer vision after just a few days, and becomes free from cataracts completely within a few weeks.

Anything else can be quickly and clearly communicated to you in your free phone consultation. Just call the following number below for a chat if you’re interested in changing your eyesight for good.