The best lasik eye surgery in Michigan

We congratulate you on taking your first step toward clear vision! LASIK is by far the leading type of eye surgery in Michigan and rightly so. If you decide to go for LASIK eye surgery in Michigan, you can expect great outcomes. The vast majority of people see between 20/20 and 20/40 vision as a result. This fast procedure takes less than 20 minutes on average. Many people never need to wear contact lenses or glasses again to see clearly, and all for a reasonable cost.

As you know your eyesight is extremely important, so it’s vital that you choose a top Michigan LASIK surgeon that will do the job efficiently, while still being carried out for an affordable cost. Recent surveys show 92 percent of people who get LASIK are fully satisfied with their new vision, so you can expect great results as long as you make the right choice. 

This company has been widely considered the best at performing LASIK in Michigan for years, with a vast number of happy customers. 

When we look at surgeons, we judge by the following criteria:

  • Affordable cost
  • Certification
  • Clear communication
  • Experience
  • Word of mouth
  • New technology

Is LASIK safe?

LASIK is a safe procedure, with an estimated 99% success rate. With numbers like this you can be at peace when going into the surgery. There hasn’t been a case of blindness from LASIK ever. The 1% of people who experience problems experience complications like halos around lights and dry eyes. However, in most cases this goes away within a few months and returns to normal with improved vision.

The Michigan surgery

Your Michigan eye surgeon will first make sure that you’re a suitable candidate for LASIK by testing your eyes in numerous ways. This also ensures that you’re likely to be in the 99% of successful patients. If you pass, you then can continue with the procedure. It’s completely pain free as numbing drops are placed into both eyes before beginning.

The eyelids are propped open for a short while until a laser reshapes your corneas. At around 10 minutes per eye, LASIK is very fast and so are the results. Improvements up to 20/20 vision are seen many times within the first 24 hours, with many people no longer needing glasses to see clearly for the first time in their lives.


You’ll need someone to drive you home afterwards as vision is often blurry for the initial healing phase, usually lasting a day. Michigan eye doctors typically recommend that you take some time off of work so that healing can happen efficiently for a few days. Most people are able to work again within 48 hours.

You may experience discomfort or itchy eyes while healing takes place. This is normal and in the majority of cases only lasts a short time while repairs are made to the eyes. It’s a good idea to bring sunglasses for after your laser eye surgery so you can travel around Michigan with ease without having to deal with an increased sensitivity to light, which usually lasts a few days. Your doctor may provide you with eye drops to help with dry eyes which repairs are happening.

You are likely to notice visual improvements happening for a few days to a few weeks, up until the point where your vision will settle clearly. Usually you will notice a dramatic eyesight improvement within the first 48 hours as long as you avoid rubbing your eyes. 

You’ll be re-examined one or two days after to make sure that healing has taken place smoothly and that you’re able to drive again. Your eye doctor will clarify everything you need to know in your first meeting or phone call.

Michigan has few companies that work as well as the recommended one on this page, so we suggest you give them a call on the number below if you’re interested in finding out more or booking an initial appointment. They’ll be happy to go over anything you need to know and arrange things to best suit your needs.

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